Trap Vegan was born after we became vegan and realized that there weren’t any feel-good vegan options available while on the go. When we went vegan, we always felt like we would have to give up the feel-good foods that we loved so much, such as cheeseburgers, fries, and mac and cheese. Living in Detroit, we soon learned that it was not any places for us to go to enjoy these things while on the go. We are vegans but we do not believe taste has to be second place or compromised. Here at Trap Vegan, we have provided a solution to that. Trap Vegan features a 100% plant-based menu and is also home to the best smoothies and raw juices in Detroit. Trap Vegan is a family owned and operated brand, you can taste the difference. We assure that our cleaning measures are unmatched, we cook with soul and you will be able to taste the sauce on our amazing burgers.  Stop in and give us a try we can guarantee you be will be “Trapped” and it will always be “Dope, Healthy, Good AF”! In the future, Trap Vegan will continue to bridge the gap between the vegan lifestyle and the culture.